St Davids

Fresh air abounds across a stunning coastline. A precious ecological area. A wealth of wildlife on a tiny patch of the Earth.

Flowers garland the cliffs in early summer. There are beaches of white sand, coves and caves a coast path to take your tread, harbours to glean the expectations of a voyage beyond the headlands.

Seals, porpoise and dolphins inhabit clear waters. Head southwest and the first landfill is South America.

Rock-clinging lichens that don’t survive in polluted air, thrive. It’s a Gulf Stream climate. Spring arrives early, summer leaves late.

Artists love the place, intriguing, inspiring, at the lands end. This is a landscape with an elemental edge. All wrapped up in a clear, ocean tinged light.

A land of exultant strangeness … it possesses an element of disquiet” said Graham Sutherland.

This is a Celtic place, natural, spiritual and unique.

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