Their first return to St. Davids in 25 years.

Letter From Mr. & Mrs. Miles. Their first return to St. Davids in 25 years.

It was 1985 when we purchased “White Week 44” at St Davids Vacation Club. It was not until October 2012 that we returned – a gap of 26 years. How time flies !

In the intervening years we have used the RCI Exchange system for some truly memorable holidays. To name but a few :

Orange Lake; High Point World and Orbit One in Florida. Hollywood Mirage, Tenerife. Club La Costa, Benalmadena and Club Rivera Del Sol, Calahonda in Spain. Aviemore, Scotland.Windermere Marina Club and Burnside Park in the Lake District. Carvynick Cottages, Newquay; St Mellion, Saltash and Clowance Country Club, Camborne which are all in Cornwall. Passage House Hotel and The Osborne, Torquay, Devon. Stout’s Hill in the Cotswolds, Sutton Hall, Warwickshire; Barnsdale in Rutland, and we even used our timeshare exchange for a narrow boating adventure on the Trent and Mersey Canal.

All different types of holidays with so many special memories.

In 2012 we decided to return to St Davids and had a great week sampling a section of the spectacular Pembrokeshire Coast Path. We walked from Newgale to Porthgain, a distance of some 30 miles, which we did in short stretches, returning each evening to the warmth and comfort of our apartment at the Vacation Club. It was truly pleasing to see how well our Club had been maintained during the more than quarter of a century since we were there last. Great credit must go to Elaine and her team. The City of St Davids might be the smallest city in the UK but it held lots of interest for us, the highlight being a massed choir concert at the magnificent Cathedral. We promise it will not be 26 years until we visit St Davids again.

Mr Brian Oxley Apartment 04 Week 05 & Apartment 17 Weeks 06 & 07

Way back in early 1999 I had just said a final farewell to my wife of nearly 50 years, having nursed her at home over her final months and I was feeling jaded and rather down. We had a time-share in Gran Canaria and had banked the 1998 weeks and there was no desire to go there, or go very far to anywhere, no aeroplanes, airports, whether there would be promises of sunshine and blue skies on arrival

A call to the RCI people fixed me with a week at the St David’s Vacation Club the following week, a not onerous drive west and as I approached Pembrokeshire my spirits began to lift, the Pembrokeshire trees bent over eastwards from the prevailing wind seemed to welcome me. I was delighted to reach to smallest city and drive along the welcoming High Street of local shopkeepers to the Club premises and adjoining car park – and where my personal car park space was clearly marked

My welcome from the local staff was all smiles and it has been that way ever since, delighting to find the staff are a constant and welcome all visitors equally. My apartment then was cosy, well furnished and this has also been a constant, standards are high, resulting in awards every year. The upshot was that I returned to my home with the ownership of two weeks confirmed, now three weeks – and I have never wanted to exchange or go anywhere else – and I am not a stick in the mud sort of person. In my daily life I have travelled as an NGO to many theatres of conflict, from Kosovo and Albania and Macedonia, to Iraq and Kuwait and to deprivation in several African countries, earthquakes in North West Frontier Pakistan and Sri Lanka after the huge flooding and loss of life; also Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina

The 14 years and counting since I first started visiting Pembrokeshire and making St David’s Vacation Club my most comfortable base, has allowed me to explore; the majestic Coast Path is a never ending delight to the eye, the feet and the spirit as one walks on good and well maintained pathways, for long or short stretches (and now part of the All Wales Coast Path no less). the ancient cultural heritage of St David is worthy of exploration and the cathedral is another gem, as is the choir of girls and men (and sometimes a boys and men choir too)

St David’s city too small for you? Then travel not very far to other Pembrokeshire towns and sites, or even a day visit to Ireland on the fast ferry out of Goodwick, Fishguard . You like mills, then there are working woollen mills and cloths to see or buy, ancient paths and wells, or standing stones, there are more of them than you can see in one holiday

Then you might join me and plenty of others like me, the annual returning guests who make this place their second home. And it is!



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